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When it comes to making the most of your valuable time, ChatGPT for Realtors is an absolute game-changer.

You’re busy working with clients, but you also need to keep up with marketing and other essentials of running your business.

That’s where harnessing the power of AI for real estate agents, specifically ChatGPT, can transform how you do things.

Agents are finding creative ways to use it, for everything from penning emails to writing property listings.

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Table of Contents
1. What Is ChatGPT and How Does it Work?
2. How Realtors Can Benefit from Using ChatGPT
3. 12 Ways Realtors Can Use ChatGPT
4. Chat GPT Limitations

What Is ChatGPT and How Does it Work?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbot created by OpenAI. It can understand human language and generate human-like responses to written prompts.

Trained on a massive amount of data, including books, articles, and websites, ChatGPT is able to understand the nuances of human language. When you ask a question or give it a task to perform, ChatGPT uses its knowledge to generate a response.

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ChatGPT is a powerful form of AI for real estate agents to use daily

How Realtors Can Benefit from Using ChatGPT

As a Realtor, you know that marketing is one of the keys to growing your business and generating leads. But it can take precious time away from interacting one-on-one with clients. That’s precisely why you need ChatGPT.

With the ability to streamline day-to-day tasks, ChatGPT can revolutionize your real estate marketing, saving you precious time and increasing efficiency.

ChatGPT’s user growth has been astronomical. You don’t want to be left behind.

growth of chatgpt compared to other online platforms

With ChatGPT you can brainstorm content marketing ideas as well as create copy for marketing materials, social media posts, even respond to emails in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

Below are some ways Realtors can use ChatGPT to streamline their marketing strategy.

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12 Ways Realtors Can Use ChatGPT

  1. Content Ideas: Struggling with ideas for what to post? ChatGPT can provide inspiration in seconds. Simply input a topic, and ChatGPT will generate a list of ideas that can be used for blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram Reels, any real estate marketing materials you can throw at it.
  2. Social Media Captions: You already know the power of social media for marketing your real estate business, but sometimes writing captions can be the hardest part. Just input a topic or idea, and ChatGPT will generate social media post, caption and hashtag suggestions that you can then tweak (or ask ChatGPT to) to suit the platform you’re posting to.
  3. Blog Posts: Blogging remains an effective way for real estate agents to establish themselves as experts in their field and attract clients. Use ChatGPT to not only write blog posts quickly and easily, it can even help you develop a content calendar for the year ahead, with regular blog post ideas.
  4. Video Scripts: Video has become an essential part of real estate marketing. ChatGPT can help by writing video scripts for property tours, market updates, and other video marketing materials. Just input the topic or idea, and ChatGPT will generate video script suggestions that you can take and customize in your own voice.
  5. Websites: ChatGPT can help you update your own website to optimize it for search engines, or create individual property websites for your listings in minutes.
  6. Realtor Bio: Who doesn’t struggle with writing their bio? ChatGPT can make it simple. Just input things you’d like to include and ChatGPT uses the power of AI to write your Realtor bio. You can then create different versions depending on where it’ll be used – more professional for LinkedIn for example, or fun and casual for TikTok. Need a new real estate bio but you have no experience yet? ChatGPT can help with that too!
  7. Email Replies: Responding to emails is another time-suck that ChatGPT can streamline for you. Just copy and paste the message you’re replying to into ChatGPT, tell it what to include in your response, and it’ll write a reply that you can change as needed to send back to your clients. Designed to write emails and messages using AI, ChatGPT Write is a handy Google Chrome extension to add to your web browser.
  8. Listing and MLS Descriptions: Use ChatGPT to help write compelling real estate listing and MLS descriptions in a fraction of the time it now takes you. Simply input as many specific property details as possible, give it the character or word count for your MLS, and ChatGPT will generate suggested copy that can be used as is or edited to fit your own style and tone. Take a look at the example below.
example of how realtor can use chatgpt
Real estate listing description created using ChatGPT

9. Property Flyers: Take the listing description you had ChatGPT draft and ask it to create a one-paragraph summary, with a bullet list of key features that you can then use on a property flyer.
10. Neighborhood Descriptions: Ask ChatGPT to create descriptions for the neighborhoods you serve. Have it include things like schools, parks, walking distance to transportation and amenities, home design styles, etc. You can then use these descriptions in printed materials, on your website, and to send to clients.
11. Newsletters: ChatGPT can help real estate agents write compelling newsletter copy that engages their audience. All you need to do is input the topic, and ChatGPT will create it. Not sure what to write about? Ask ChatGPT to give you some ideas!
12. Help with Spelling and Grammar: Need a quick proofread of a finished document? Just paste your copy into ChatGPT and it’ll point out any misspellings or grammatical errors to fix before publication.

ChatGPT Limitations

While ChatGPT is an incredible tool for real estate agents, it does come with limitations that are important to keep in mind.

  • AI cannot take the place of you. Use it to create copy, then go back in and add your own voice and perspective.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t know the rules of your brokerage or state association. Make sure any copy you produce using it follows those rules.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t get everything right. You’re the expert in your field, so double check everything you produce for accuracy.
  • At the time of this publication, ChatGPT’s knowledge is still limited to 2021 data, so it can’t give present day information. This should improve as it continues to learn, but for now, do not count on it for specific, up-to-date data.


ChatGPT for Realtors gives you an in-house marketing assistant and copywriter who is available 24/7. It frees up your time by streamlining daily tasks, allowing you to focus on other parts of your business.

The more comfortable you become using it, the more you’ll discover unique ways to use it in your to grow your real estate business.

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