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We hear the question all the time, “What should real estate agents post on social media?” It can be overwhelming. But with 97% of home buyers going online to search for homes, social media should be a major part of your real estate marketing. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of social media post ideas for Realtors.

Let’s explore.

53 Realtor Social Media Post Ideas

1. Share Your Personal Side

People want to feel like they know you before they’ll want to hire you as their Realtor. Make sharing who you are a primary focus on social media for your real estate business and you’ll build relationships that will lead to referrals and business.

  • Post About Your Passions – What do you love to do outside of being a Realtor? Read? Travel? Play golf? Share that on social. It’s a great way to build relatability.
  • Share Your Little Ones – People love to see photos of pets, babies, and kids. Just be sure to get permission from parents before sharing any photos that include other people’s children.
  • Weekend Warrior – What did you do over the weekend (other than working of course)? Did you go skiing? Do some gardening? Or just enjoy the solitude of your deck? Share that!
  • Travel – Whether it’s a recent trip, favorite from years past or a dream destination, post about it!
  • Holidays – Don’t just share a generic graphic your brokerage gave you. Show what you’re doing for Halloween, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, whatever it may be.
  • Recommended Reading & Listening – Just finish a great book or been drawn into a fantastic podcast? Tell people about it and as them to recommend some of their favorites.
  • Throwback Photo – Share a photo from when you were a child. Especially if you grew up in the community you now work in as a real estate agent. It will create an even closer connection.
  • Share a DIY Project – Remodeling or working on a few repairs around your own house? Let’s see it!
real estate social media use increase chart
Social media use is up and Realtors are smart to take advantage of the marketing opportunity.

2. Share Posts that Show What It’s Like to Be Your Client

Instead of just talking about what a great agent you are, actually show people what it’s like by sharing the fantastic experiences your clients have. Here are some social media post ideas for Realtors to showcase why people choose to work with you.

  • Client Success Stories – Tell the story behind a client’s recent home purchase or sale. Did they search for a long time? Did you help them through a struggle?
  • Client Anniversaries – Celebrate a past client’s “Homeiversary” by sharing a photo a year after they closed on their house.
  • Meet the Team – Profile others on your team and what they do to help your clients. Be sure to link to their social media profiles too.
  • Staging Day – Share video of your team setting up to show a house and explain the value of staging in helping to get your clients top dollar for their home.
  • Inspection Day – Post photos or video of an inspector walking through a property with you and share tips on things to look for. This would make for a great educational real estate Reel on Instagram.
  • Tell Your Backstory – How did you get into real estate and what do you love most about being a Realtor?
  • Share Your Day – Meeting a client for coffee, grabbing lunch, prepping for a listing presentation, a quick video from your car after touring homes with a buyer. Share a day in the life of a busy Realtor.
  • Testimonials – Regularly share testimonials from happy clients.
  • Thank-You Gifts – Share a post about shopping for a thoughtful thank-you gift for your clients and what you love to give people to celebrate the journey they’ve taken with you.
real estate content calendar
Our 2024 Social Media Content Calendar has post ideas for every day of the year.

3. Real Estate Content Ideas that Demonstrate Your Expertise

You don’t want all of the content on your social media profiles to be about real estate, but you of course want to show off your knowledge and what makes you the best agent! Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn for real estate agents, there are many ways to share your expertise through social media.

  • Tuesday Tips – Offer weekly tips for first-time buyers, downsizers, saving for a down payment, etc.
  • Dispel a Common Myth – For example, “You don’t have to come up with 20% down to buy a house.” Because, not everyone knows the ins and outs of real estate like you do.
  • Partner Profiles – Share a photo with your go-to plumber, inspector, painter, etc. and link to their social profiles. They might in turn share it with their followers.
teaching real estate gif
  • Schooling – Doing some continuing education or working towards a new designation? Share photos on social media while in class or studying, talk about what you’re learning and how it will help your clients.
  • Market Update – Share a monthly market update for your area including closings, average sale price, days on market etc. People especially love to know what homes are selling for.
  • Mortgage Monday – Create a weekly post on current rates.
  • Industry News – Share a top story about news on the national real estate industry front.
  • Share a Struggle – Things don’t always go as expected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. Don’t be afraid to use social media to share a challenge and how you helped your clients overcome it.
  • New Listings – Don’t just post a photo on Instagram or Facebook of the exterior of the home with the caption, “Just Listed!” Share an interesting feature of the home like a beautiful chandelier or the view from the back deck, because that’s much more intriguing for your followers.
  • Infographics – There are lots of great real estate infographics available online that make complex topics easier to understand. Pinterest can be a great place to search, or create your own using
  • Latest Blog Post – Give a quick overview of what you wrote about on your blog and share a link to your blog site so people can read more.
  • Commonly Asked Questions – Share answers to some of the questions you’re asked most often.
  • Open House – Hosting an open house? Do a quick video from there. Don’t sell, just talk about a great feature of the home or garden and ask people what they’re up to today.
  • Before and After – Post before and after photos on social media of properties you staged or made improvements to before listing.

4. Demonstrate Your Love of Community

Be a local tour guide. Show off your love for and knowledge of the communities you serve. Because, it’s important to remember, social media post ideas for Realtors aren’t only about buying and selling!

  • Profile a Local Business – Because sharing the love with local businesses can go a long way to promoting your business. For example, post about your favorite neighborhood coffee place, bakery or pizza parlor and link to the shop’s social profile.
  • Neighborhood Guide – Carousels post on an Instagram real estate profile are a great way to showcase different features of a neighborhood, from architectural styles, schools, restaurants, and recreational opportunities.
historic photos as social media post ideas for realtors
Historic photos make for engaging real estate content on social media.
  • Historic Photos – Sharing old photos on your real estate profile is a great way to teach about the history of a neighborhood or as a way to engage by asking people is they can identify the location. The website Wikimedia Commons is a great source for old photos that are legal to use. Regardless of where you get a photo, pay close attention to any copyright restrictions. And never use an image you’re not authorized to use.
  • Hit the Town – Post a photo of yourself dining at a favorite local restaurant and share what you had and why you loved it. Tag the restaurant’s social profile in your post and they might even share it with their followers.
  • Interview a Community Leader – Speak to a school principal, the mayor or someone from the local planning commission to find out what’s happening in the community.
  • Be the Neighborhood Know it All – Let people know about a new store opening or a new planned development in town so you can become the authority people turn to.
  • Fun Facts – Research the history of names in the community (schools, bridges, parks, etc.) and share what you learned on social.
  • School Events – Neighborhood school news can be great to share on Facebook or Instagram for Realtors. Promote local school musical performances, plays, sports and fundraising events.
  • Local News – Was a local artist just granted a prestigious exhibition? Did a local teacher win a national award? Is it girl scout cookie time? If so, promote your local troop and ask people what their favorites are.
  • Share Your Love of Home – Next time you’re out for a walk around your neighborhood, share photos of the flowers in bloom, or homes decorated for the holidays. You might make a connection right on your own block!
  • Community Service – Helping out at a local event? Collecting for charity? Or maybe you’re volunteering at a local shelter? Profile the charity and let people know how they can help out.

5. How to Generate Engagement on Social Media for Realtors

Engagement is an important ingredient in success on any social platform for Realtors. Because, the more people engage with your posts, the more they’ll be shown your content, and the more you’ll stay top of mind. Remember to engage with others by liking and commenting on their posts too!

  • Ask for Opinions – People love to share their two cents. So, whether you’re trying to choose between two donuts at the bakery, a paint color for your living room or whether to have pumpkin or pecan pie at Thanksgiving, ask people to offer their opinion.
  • Hashtag Holidays – There are so many that are popular, including #BlackCatDay, #CoffeeDay and #TeacherAppreciationDay.
  • Polls – Real estate poll questions are great for generating quick engagement on Instagram Stories, because they’re so easy for people to react to.
Real Estate Poll as for real estate content idea
Real Estate Poll Idea for Instagram Stories
  • Saveable and Shareable Lists – Sharing and saving a post are additional ways people can engage with your content. Therefore, try to post helpful lists like where to take photos with Santa, or a list of local farmers markets and what days they’re open. Likewise, ones geared more to real estate could be a list geared to sellers, like “Improvements to Make Before Listing Your Home.”
  • Inspirational Quotes – Inspiring quotes are great for generating engagement. Simply share ones that you love, or ones that you’ve seen generate a lot of engagement elsewhere (always get permission before sharing other people’s content).

6. Miscellaneous Social Media Post Ideas for Real Estate

From humor to nostalgia, there are a lot of engaging content ideas and trends that are perfect for using on social media to grow your real estate business.

  • Theme Days – Celebrate TGIF, Throwback Thursday, or Wednesday Wisdom with appropriate social posts about real estate or beyond.
  • Water Cooler Conversation – Think about what people discuss around the water cooler at work. What did you watch on Netflix? What did you think about the football game on Sunday?
  • Humor – Share a funny meme or gif that made you laugh, because others will likely find it funny too. They don’t have to be about being an agent.
  • DIY Post – Instagram Reels are a great place to find short videos to share on your real estate profile – everything from how to make candles, recipes and cleaning hacks. Find something that’s already gotten a lot of likes and share it in your Instagram Stories.
  • Ask Nostalgic Questions – Because people love to reminisce. Ask questions like, “What store do your parents shop at that’s no longer around?”
  • Celebrate National Day of… – There are tons of these from National Drink Wine Day to National Black Cat Day. There’s even a National Hug Your Realtor Day! So, who wouldn’t want to celebrate that?!

7. Free Social Media Posts for Realtors

While it’s important to be creating content based on all of the categories above, it is ok to find free, quality images to also share. You can be inspired by real estate content ideas others are sharing. In addition, be sure to check out our Free Real Estate Content Page with some of the best social media posts for Realtors, updated every week.

In Conclusion

We hope this list of social media post ideas for Realtors helps spark inspiration for your own real estate social media marketing. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn for real estate, consistently posting a variety of content will pay off with more business for you in 2022 and beyond.

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