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Free Real Estate Social Media Posts:

real estate posts for social media

Getting preapproved doesn’t just give you an idea of how much house you can afford, it also lets sellers know you’re a serious buyer. With more houses receiving multiple offers, a preapproval letter can be a key factor in a bidding war, and you don’t want to miss out. #realestatetips #homebuyertips #homesellertips #homeownershipgoals #grammarpros #homebuying101 #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage #preapproval

real estate posts for social media

Selling your home doesn’t have to be stressful. I’m here to help you, every step of the way. #realestatetips #homesellertips #grammarpros #homebuying101 #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage

real estate posts for social media

I can help you determine what changes to your home will really pay off before selling. #realestatetips #homebuyertips #homesellertips #homeownershipgoals #grammarpros #homebuying101 #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage

real estate posts for social media

Let’s make 2023 the year you buy your first home! Let me know how I can help. #newhome #newhomebuyer #homebuyertips #homebuying #homebuyingtips #homebuying101 #grammarpros #firsttimehomebuyer #homeownershipgoals #realestatetips #mortgage

real estate posts for social media

When you own your own home, the monthly payments you make go towards growing your own personal equity. Let’s talk about how to stop funding your landlord’s wealth, and start building your own. #realestatetips #homebuyertips #homesellertips #homeownershipgoals #grammarpros #homebuying101 #firsttimehomebuyer #mortgage

Real Estate Social Media – Infographics

Check out or free real estate infographics that you can share with clients, as real estate social media posts (Pinterest works well for these taller images) or on your own website. Simply copy and paste the embed code at the bottom of each infographic to add it to your website or blog.

Myth of Twenty Percent Down - Infographic 

Real Estate Infographic About Down Payments
Many potential home buyers give up before they’ve even gotten started because they think they don’t have enough for a down payment.

Understanding Your Credit Score - Infographic 

Real Estate Graphic About Credit Scores
Because of its prominent role in the home buying process, it’s important for buyers to understand what a credit score is, how it’s compiled and how to obtain their credit report.