13 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2023

Blog / 13 Real Estate Marketing Ideas for 2023

Successful real estate marketing in 2023 focuses heavily on social media. PRWeek predicts that it will become the top way for brands to connect with customers. And a recent TechCrunch article showed that younger people are increasingly turning to platforms like Instagram and TikTok over Google when researching businesses.

What Is Real Estate Marketing?

Real estate marketing is no longer just demonstrating your ability to help someone buy or sell a house. With many agents for people to choose from, your marketing should be focused on selling you and your services.

Just about any Realtor can sell a house. Why should someone want to work with you? Good real estate marketing is about helping people get to know you as a person, and showing them what sets you apart from every other real estate agent.

What Are the Benefits of Real Estate Marketing?

In a National Association of Realtors survey of agents, 89% of respondents said they use Facebook in their real estate marketing, and that social media was the top tech tool for generating quality leads.

With more real estate agents on the scene, and fewer homes on the market, competition among agents has grown. Marketing your business helps you reach a broader audience of potential clients, while helping you tell your own story in a unique way. In 2023, people want to do business with people, not businesses, so marketing yourself and sharing who you are is critical.

Now that you know some of the benefits of real estate marketing, let’s explore some ideas.

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13 Ways to Market Yourself as a Realtor in 2023

1. Get consistent with social

If you’re only posting sporadically, or not at all (gasp!), it’s time to change. After all, social media is where your customers are. And it’s where real estate agents can have the biggest marketing impact, for little to no cost. Not only is it great for staying top of mind with your sphere, but it gets you and your real estate business in front of new people.

To make it easy, focus on the one or two platforms that you enjoy using, and where your clients also hang out. Then, use a content calendar to ensure that you always have an idea for something to post.

2. Include keywords in your profiles

Include keywords related to your market in of all your social profiles as a way to generate inbound leads.

The image below shows what we mean when we talk about how effective keywords can be in real estate marketing. This simple search of Facebook for the term “Nashville Realtor” pulls up agents who have included that specific term in their page name.

real estate marketing keyword search results

With Instagram, it helps to have keywords in your bio too.

For example, instead of writing something generic like, “25 years in real estate,” change it to something more like “Seattle Realtor” or “Ft. Lauderdale Real Estate Agent. ” Including the name of the city you serve and your role will help you get found by people searching for an agent in your area.

Here’s an example of an Instagram search for “Tampa Real Estate Agent.” You can see that the agents whose profiles came up in the results had all included that specific term in their bio:

image of search results for real estate agents marketing

Don’t forget about LinkedIn. It’s one of the top social platforms for reaching high net-worth professionals, so having relevant keywords in your headline and about section are important there too.

LinkedIn for Realtors

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3. Get people to engage

Engagement not only helps to build relationships, but it gets your posts shown to more people than just your followers. And if you’re focused on upping your real estate marketing in 2023, it’s a quick way to expose your business to a larger audience.

Instagram in particular has a myriad of tools that make it easy for people to engage with your posts, including these stickers:

  • poll
  • question
  • quiz
  • link
  • add yours
  • hashtag
  • location

and the old reliable slider emoji, all of which can be used to create interactive Instagram Stories and Reels.

4. Create a neighborhood Facebook group

If a community in your target market doesn’t already have one, create a Facebook group page specifically for that neighborhood. Focus on building relationships and being a resource.

5. Host contests & giveaways

Partner up with a local merchant and host a drawing a free gift card. Promote it on your social profiles, and encourage the merchant to promote it too. This is a great way to increase awareness for your business, reach new people and increase engagement. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules surrounding giveaways where you do business.

6. Go live

Hosting an open house? Do a quick Facebook or Instagram Live and show off a great feature of the home or neighborhood. Your followers will be notified that you’re going live and will be more likely to engage.

7. Partner with agents in other states

With remote work becoming more common, people are moving to areas with a lower cost of living. Build relationships with referral partners in other markets and let your followers know that you can help them find a home anywhere. Do a monthly Facebook or Instagram Live with that partner.

8. Record video walk-throughs

People love to see videos of homes and the latest in design trends. Grab your phone and record a simple walk-through as you visit a property. Add some music and an engagement sticker and you’ve got a great Instagram post!

9. Educate

When the economy is on a roller coaster, people get scared. Be a reassuring voice with a weekly video explaining the current state of the real estate market, where mortgage rates are heading, and what that means to buyers and sellers.

10. Run Facebook ads

If you’re marketing a new real estate listing, run an inexpensive Facebook ad. For just a few dollars, you can get your post in front of thousands of people. While it’s true that Facebook doesn’t allow you to target housing ads to select neighborhoods, you can narrow it down to a 15-mile radius, and that can consistently get your name and profile in front of a lot more potential customers in your area.

11. Solicit testimonials

A first-person account of a client’s experience with you is the most powerful real estate marketing you can share. Video works best! Simply email your clients and ask if they’d be willing to record a short testimonial on their phone. If you make it easy and let them know how valuable it is to your business, they’ll be more likely to want to help.

12. Embrace short-form video

In a recent survey of online consumers, 73% of people said that they prefer to learn about a service form a short video. Reels and TikTok are hugely popular, and are powerful tools for real estate marketing in 2023. The videos don’t have to be elaborate – check out both platforms for inspiration.

13. Grow your email list

An email list of people who have invited you to stay in touch with them is one of the most powerful tools you have. And a great way to get more people on your list is by offering them something of value in exchange for their contact information. Download our list of 41 Lead Magnet Ideas for Realtors for inspiration.


What are some marketing ideas for a new real estate agent?

All of the ideas we’ve shared in this list apply, but as a new agent, you’ll want to double down on social (remember, it’s free!). Let friends, family and acquaintances know where to connect with you, and engage with other people even more than you post.

What is the best marketing strategy for real estate?

Determine your target market, and try to focus on a specific niche (this can be a housing type like waterfront or luxury homes, or a demographic like first-time buyers). In your marketing, speak to these niches regularly. It helps you to be known for something and lets you stand out in a sea of other agents.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas Conclusion

This list of marketing ideas should spark some ideas as you plan for the year ahead. Focusing on social media is an effective and inexpensive way to stay top of mind.

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