What to Post on Social Media for Mortgage

Social media is critical to marketing your mortgage business. But how you use it is the key.

We’re here to help with some useful tips and mortgage social media post ideas. Let’s explore.

Why Loan Agents Need Social Media

First off, why exactly do you need to use social media as a mortgage or loan agent?

Because, studies show that social media use is high.

And social media marketing for mortgage loan officers is a way for you to stay in front of real estate agent partners and also stay top of mind with potential clients where they’re already spending a great deal of their time.

The best part is it doesn’t need to cost you anything but a little time.

Mortgage Instagram Posts

Whether it’s mortgage marketing on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, here are 4 tips for getting more engagement and growing your business.

1. The Most Powerful Posts Aren’t About Mortgage

Social media marketing is more about being social than it is about selling.

People want to do business with people, not companies. Therefore, showing people who you are, in addition to what you do, is key.

Use social media to help people get to know you and engage with you. It’s the relationships you build over time on social that will turn followers into clients.

Because the more they feel like they know you, the more they’ll begin to like you, and the more they’ll feel they can trust you with their mortgage needs.

The key is to stay top of mind so that when people are in need of your services (or know someone who is), you’re the first person they’ll think of.

A few mortgage social media post ideas to accomplish this:

  • Share photos of your hobbies – traveling, gardening, golf…
  • Photos of your family can create connection and relatability
  • Show off your pets
  • Share photos of yourself active in the community

Most importantly, share photos of yourself, as they will almost always generate the most engagement.

social media posts for mortgage lenders
Check out our premade mortgage post ideas

2. Use Quotes as Mortgage Social Media Posts

Inspirational and humorous quotes are popular on social media and posting them is a great way to reach more people.


Because they’re highly shareable, and when someone shares your post on their own profile, it exposes you to all of their followers as well.

Additionally, studies show that people remember products and information sources better when they share about them, and this can definitely benefit your business as a result.

Also, the quote you share on your mortgage Instagram for example, doesn’t have to be about home ownership or mortgage. It can just be something that really resonated with you.

mortgage social media post
Quotes you create for mortgage social media posts don’t have to be about mortgage

3. Ask Questions that Engage Your Followers

Engagement on your mortgage social media accounts tells the social platforms (be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram for mortgage) that your posts are interesting and should be shown to more people.

Asking engaging questions is a great way to do this. Just be sure to respond to each and every comment to keep the conversation going.

Our Mortgage Social Media Content Calendar comes with 52 engaging questions you can start using right away to boost the engagement on your posts.

what to post on instagram for mortgage
Our mortgage content calendar provides a full year of post ideas

4. Create Mortgage Related Videos

Video is especially powerful on social media and your posts will be seen by more people when you use it.

In part because the social media platforms tend to favor it.

Some ideas for video posts include:

  • Answer common questions about the homebuying process
  • Dispel common myths about applying for a home loan
  • Give a brief tour of your offices
  • Introduce some of the staff in your office
  • Provide an explanation of the mortgage process
  • Interview a real estate agent or other business partner you work with

5. Share Mortgage Infographics

Infographics also make for great mortgage social media posts because they’re a powerful way to share mortgage information in a quick, easily digestible way.

what to post on instagram for mortgage
Infographics can be a quick way to educate in your mortgage Instagram posts

6. Share Client Testimonials

Social proof makes for undeniably powerful mortgage social media posts.

Hearing other people’s experiences can help someone decide whether they want to work with you.

Create a graphic sharing the kind words of a past client. Even better, share a photo or video testimonial from someone you’ve worked with.

7. Post About Local Businesses

Another way to expand your reach is to share about local businesses in the communities you serve as part of your social media marketing.

This not only helps the local businesses but shows that you’re active in the community you serve and also exposes you to new potential customers too.


When you tag a business you post about in a mortgage Instagram post, they’ll see it and might also share it with their own followers.

8. How Often Should Loan Agents Post?

It’s a question mortgage and loan agents ask a lot.

To be successful with mortgage social media, you need to post consistently.

However, consistently doesn’t have to mean every day.

If you only post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, that’s ok. Just make sure you show up on the same days every single week.

9. Follow the Rules of Social Media for Mortgage

Lastly, an important word of advice about mortgage social media posts:

When posting to social media, make sure you’re in compliance with any written policies and procedures for social media use set in place by your company, and act accordingly.

In Conclusion

Social media for mortgage and loan agents isn’t about selling, it’s about being social.

Share some mortgage tips and information but also share a lot about who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

Build those relationships and they will turn into business.

You’ve got this!

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